Screen printing

& pad printing

The advantage of screen printing inks is the diversity of species, as well as theirs durability, high resistance to abrasion, UV and weather conditions.
Screen printing can also be used to refine print surfaces by applying colorless varnishes,
which increase the aesthetics and gloss, similar to the effects obtained in the foiling process.

We currently have a machine with a maximum print area 1350 × 2080 mm.

We print on the following materials: paper, cardboard, carbon paper, self-adhesive foil, pmma, pvc, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene, metal, glass, as well as on T-shirts, bags, hats, protective clothing, jackets.
Depending on the type of fabric, we offer direct screen printing, transfer printing (plastisol - transferred to the fabric by the thermal method), flock (electrostatic application of the textile shearing).

Pad printing is a method of printing on various surfaces, on small surfaces of advertising gadgets, dice etc.

printing on plastics, metals, wood

on fabrics

on transparencies